[93] Would a Living Income bring a Revolution in Education?

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What is the purpose of the current educational system and how does it impact on the development of children? Why should empowering education be considered as a basic human right? How is the structure of the current education system disempowering the youth? How will changing the education system impact our day to day freedoms and ability to choose? We will discuss this and more with Cameron Cope from the US. You are welcome to ask questions and place comments throughout our Live transmission.

Hosted by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Cameron Cope studied mathematics at the United States Air Force Academy and the University of St. Thomas and the University of Houston. He worked as a private math and science tutor for over 10 years helping hundreds of students at the top private schools in Houston. His passion for helping students learn more effectively led him to look for solutions that would help level the playing field for all students. In 2013 he co-founded TechnoTutor and has dedicated…


  1. Tune into this groundbreaking discussion with +Cameron Cope  an educational innovator with a different take on education.
    Question what you thought you knew about what good education is as Cameron offers innovative perspectives for the solutions faced in today's schooling systems

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  2. I had a great time on the hangout – Marlen is an awesome interviewer – lots of insightful, though-provoking questions. I love being able to talk about Education because its so fundamental to our society and it literally shapes the future. Thanks again and I look forward to continuing the discussion in the future! All the best!!

  3. Very interesting discussion. Thanks for sharing. I definitely see how a guaranteed living income would help us all to educate ourselves in all the areas that we really find important and useful.

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