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This Android JSON Tutorial video talks about what is json with respect to Android, It explores the two structures in JSON, which are JSONObject and JSONArray and explores the data types such as integer, real, boolean and null along with the difference between JSON and XML. It finally shows how to read a JSON feed manually with the help of the Facebook graph API


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22 thoughts on “29: JSON Tutorial | Slidenerd

  1. Nice video. one suggestion: please use white background and black text. It becomes easier to print some slides that contain nice bullet points to remember.


  2. Hey +slidenerd thanks for your videos! Can I ask you a question? Im gonna make an app with expandable list view that contains more than 100 positions (text only). Each position will expand to only 1 position with some text and small image. Should I use JSON for store the data or maybe something else? And I also want to add some search bar sticked to top of the screen, that will allow to dynamicaly search in that list. Is the expandable list view the only one method to do it?

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